Edibles Excel in JackPots™

Lettuce in JackPot™

This lettuce was planted in the ground at the same time as the JackPot™-grown lettuce shown previously and given the same nutritional inputs. Notice the size and overall health difference between the Jackpot-grown lettuce and the in-ground grown.

Tomatoes planted at the same time, in the same soil. The only difference is the Jackpot™. (Jackpot™ has two plants).

Carrots in JackPots™ (Note sandy, field-like soil used--the Jackpot's™ superior aeration is the key!)

Onions thrive in JackPots™

A typical 15-gallon JackPot™ vegetable garden layout comprised of 72 JackPots™ in a space of 15' x 20'

Blueberries thrive in JackPots™ in a mix of 9 parts pine bark fines and 1 part Canadian peat moss--great drainage and an acidic medium.

Barbados Cherries (Acerola) in 15-gallon JackPots™ produce an abundance of highly nutritious fruit.

Figs in JackPots™

Jaboticaba in JackPots™ show extraordinary vigor.

30 gallon Mango

30-gallon Avocados and 45-gallon Honey Bell Tangelos

Lula avocado thriving in the high-aeration JackPot™

Sunraycer nectarines in 15-gallon JackPots™

Sunraycer nectarines, tree-ripened and ready to enjoy!