The Secret is Air Root Pruning

When roots hit the sidewall of the Jackpot™, air-root pruning causes them to branch and become feeder roots, maximizing the plant's ability to uptake water and nutrition, resulting in superior growth!

Even large roots (species dependent) will be affected by the phenomena of air root pruning when it makes contact with the sidewall of the Jackpot™, which by design allows a minimum of 100 cfm per square foot of airflow

Root pruning at work

Palm root reaction to the JackPot™ sidewall tends to force the growth downward rather than in a spiral

Palm root reaction to aeration

Many large roots, showing the effect of air root pruning at the root tip and the subsequent branching behind the point of contact with the sidewall of the Jackpot™

Large root that has branched after being air root pruned.

This close-up shows the root manipulation that occurs with air root pruning on a large root that in a rigid container would have spiraled, getting even larger while not producing any of the very important fine feeder roots needed for vigorous plant growth.