JackPots™ are Easy to Use

With the JackPot's™ superior drainage, the need for expensive pre-mixed soils is eliminated. Here, a Botanics Wholesale employee is starting out with a yard of topsoil.

The topsoil is then dumped into their modified "Auggie."

Then a yard of pine bark is added.

Preparing the JackPot™ to be filled; sometimes using an old plastic pot of similar diameter with the bottom removed as a support (in this case using a 25-gallon plastic pot for a 30-gallon JackPot™), allowing one employee to accomplish the fill.

Filling JackPots™ is easy using the Reel Auggie

Moving the filled JackPot™ into place. (Note the container appears to be filled, but has a "template container," the same size as the step-up plant to be planted, in the center, which keeps the planting hole from being distorted when the JackPot™ is being moved into its final location.)

A block of JackPots™ ready to be planted.

Planting 3-gallon bald cypress in 65-gallon JackPots™ with the use of discharge extensions. (Note cypress are being planted in a swale, taking advantage of typically unusable production space. The stability and drainage of the JackPot™ allows this atypical production situation to occur.)

Filling 200-gallon JackPots™ in the field and loading the Auggie from the rear.

A block of recently filled 200-gallon JackPots™ ready to be planted