JackPots™ are Versatile

Royal Poinciana grown directly on the ground to take advantage of root tack-down through the fabric bottom.

JackPots™ on the ground

Tibouchina granulosa love the aeration and excellent drainage provided by the JackPot™.

Podocarpus garcilior (Weeping Podocarpus): coniferous plants respond well to the aeration of the JackPot™.

A young crop of Live Oak and Little Gem Magnolia.

A crop of finished 45-gallon Live Oaks with an under cropping of Encephalartos ferox (Cycads produce abundant corraloidal roots due to the abundant air penetration of the JackPot's™ fabric sides.)

Bald Cypress in 30-gallon JackPots™. (Note caliper of the crop.)

Uniformity and good caliper are hallmarks of a well-grown crop.