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Sizes & Ordering

Capacity Container Dimensions
7 gallon 14"x 12"
15 gallon 17.5" x 12.5"
30 gallon 24" x 13"
45 gallon 30" x 17"
65 gallon 33" x 18"
100 gallon 36" x 23"
200 gallon 48" x 27"

Retail Pricing

See retail pricing and ordering information.

Wholesale Pricing

To get wholesale pricing and ordering information, fill out this form to get a password, email jack@betterroots.com, or to talk to Jack Miller directly, call (772) 260-2584.

Custom Sizes

Unlike other container manufacturers, the JackPot™ can be custom-sized to any size and capacity you require. Minimum order required. Call (772) 260-2584 for details, pricing and ordering.


All orders are prepaid or Cash on Delivery (c.o.d. charges apply). Overseas orders require advance payment.

Patent and Insurance Information

Legacy Nursery Products airpruning growing containers (Jackpots) are protected under patent #6,612,072.

This container is recognized by F.C.I.C., and as such allows your crop when grown in this container to be insured through the Federal Crop Insurance Program for Ornamental Crops: per sec1 of the Nursery Crop Provisions (00-073), "non-rigid, woven, or matted planter bags that are appropriate in size for the plant and allow proper drainage of the growing medium will be considered insurable nursery containers."

The material these containers are made from provide significantly more stiffness, airflow, porosity, and U.V. resistance than any other similar containerized growing method. Providing the following benefits cooler root zone temperatures, drainage through the entire container, stability, and air root-pruning. These features then provide for greater root mass, less disease, longer "shelf life," and consequently faster overall plant growth.

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