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"We worked together 7 years ago during the inauguration of the Garden. I write to you to share how your Jackpots have held strong during all these years! That is with daily use! They are amazing! So much so, that we don't need to replace them yet, we just need to expand and order some of the larger ones for other uses such as composting."

Elsi Rose,
Development & Capital Management Coordinator
City of Miramar, FL

"Following a Siberian cold front that brought the coldest temperatures to Europe in the last 27 years, Switzerland's Palm Shop found that "None of the plants growing in JackPots showed any sort of [freeze-related] harm. [This] led us to the decision to further use JackPots exclusively for solitary tree production on our property!"

Beat Lanz
Palm Shop
Brütten, Switzerland

"I know you use most of your JackPots for planting palms in, but you have found a great product for growing cycads in as well. I planted an Encephalartos arenarius in the bag and grew it for a few years...when I cut the container away, which in itself made it easier to work with, to my amazement the entire outside edge of the root system was covered with corraloid roots. Because of the massive increase of corraloid roots, the cycad grew faster, and even after it was planted, the cycad continued to grow well."

Tom Broome
The Cycad Jungle
Polk City, FL

"In the past several years, I have been specifying many plants grown in your fabric containers. The results have been fabulous and speak for themselves. I have seen oaks, mahoganies, bamboo and bismark palms almost seem to explode in new growth soon after they get their roots in the ground."

Pete Strelkow
Landscape Architect
Strelkow Associates, Inc.
Davie, FL

"From the Landscape Architect's point of view, the invention of the Jackpot is a tremendous advancement in installation technology. I'm specifying material at sizes that would normally require field grown material. With the Jackpot you can eliminate the usual transplant shock period. You have more robust plants than potted material. Better soil mixes that don't dry out. Better root systems with no spiraling. I'm currently specifying the Jackpot for a large project in the Caribbean that requires large material, and long distance transport."

Raymond Jungles
Landscape Architect
Miami, FL

"The size of the [JackPot-grown] trees was larger than trees offered in the same size plastic pots, with trunk caliper 15-25% greater. The dense and fibrous root structure was most impressive. The trees proved to be more sturdy and durable in high winds than other trees grown in traditional containers. When loading, unloading and handling the JackPot, they are almost indestructable."

Alyn D. Kay, RLA, ASLA,
Florida Registered Landscape Architect
and Florida Registered Landscape Contractor
Landscape Architectural Services
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Significant savings in labor costs are obtainable when using JackPot containers. A small starter tree can be planted directly into a very large JackPot container of 45, 60 or even 200-gallon size with some crops, bypassing the labor needed when using conventional pots for shifting up trees from one pot size to the next."

Richard Murray, Technical Field Representative
A & L Southern Agricultural Laboratories, Inc.,
Pompano Beach, FL

"For over two years Becker Tree Farm and Nursery has been using your product to produce 30-, 45-, 65- and 100-gallon container trees. The JackPot system has proven to be affordable and practical. The fabric container has held up through the rigors of nursery production and has even faired well through three lay-downs for hurricane threats!"

Matt Muenich, Operations Manager
Becker Tree Farm and Nursery,
Hobe Sound, FL

"I am just amazed at the positive results I've had this year with your JackPots. I planted some scraggly-looking filicium (Japanese fern trees) in your 15-gallon Jackpots, and the plants absolutely exploded with growth soon after being re-potted. I have seen what I feel is two years of growth in one growing season. I will be using these Jackpots exclusively here in my nursery."

Peter O.
Plantscapes, Inc.,
Miami, FL

"Due to the excellent growing conditions created by the JackPot, we are growing a bigger tree in a smaller container. The advantages are many, including less weight to transport, easier to handle with fewer workers, and a cheaper workers comp. category. Fiber bags are the future for tree production in South Florida as far as I am concerned."

Dean Richardson, President
Tropical Treescapes, Inc. and The Palm Factory,
Miami, FL

"We have noted a marked improvement in the transplant success rate of our installations since we have implemented the use of JackPot container-grown trees. Trees planted from JackPot containers have developed a more fibrous root system and were not blow over [during Hurricane Frances]. I would not hesitate to recommend the use of JackPot container-grown tress to any landscaper."

Scott Myers, Vice President
A Special Touch Landscaping, Inc.,
Jupiter, FL

"We feel that the JackPot is the best way to grow a tree for the landscape. After planting 35,000 JackPots one year ago, the results are so good we will be planting another 40,000 this fall. We choose and continue to use the JackPot as the most efficient way to grow a tree."

Nick Morris, General Manager
Snapper Creek Nurseries,
Homestead & Ft. Pierce, FL

"We have been using your grow bags for two years, with dependably positive results. The containers require little storage space, are simple to use, and are economical. The air flow through the bag promotes even root development, with no wet pockets. With such good results, we plan on using these containers for a long time."

Stan Matthews, President
Plant Creations, Inc., Homestead, FL

"JackPot containers are much less expensive than other types of air root pruning containers. The bags not only do what they were designed to do (air root prune) , but they hold their shape and are extremely strong. We have 10,000 bags in production, and all of our trees are growing superbly. We intend to continue using this fine product."

Paul Sojka, General Manager
Calusa Creek Tree Farm & Ranch, Stuart, FL

"I have been growing container plants for almost 20 years and have tried practically every container/growing system available. JackPot has made circling roots and root problems caused by lack of proper aeration in the pot are things of the past. JackPot is cost effective and it works to produce the results that my customers and I must have."

Jerry Frye, Owner
Frye Farms, Inc., Homestead, FL

"Plants grown in the JackPot are 20 percent larger in the same amount of time than plants grown in plastic pots. The trunks are thicker and the roots are denser and more fibrous. The trees have few to zero spiraling roots. Since 1999, I have not had one tree grown in these bags returned to our nursery due to transplant shock."

Chris Oppenheimer, Vice President
Botanics Wholesale, Homestead, FL

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