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JackPot™ Fabric Growing Container

Reduced need for step-ups saves labor.

Excellent air root pruning.

JackPots are proudly made in the USA.

The JackPot™ is the original aeration container, a high-quality, patented fabric growing container by Legacy Nursery Products that allows you to grow huge, healthy, quality plants while also saving money and labor.

The JackPot™ was developed by Florida tree growers, and it has been tested for years under the extremes of the Florida climate. Many landscape contractors have come to appreciate the rapid establishment in the landscape and subsequent savings realized when planting a JackPot™-grown tree.

JackPot™ above-ground-grown trees perform in extreme cold in Europe.

Learn how JackPots™ excel in food production and vermiposting!

New! Legacy Nursery Products supports Community Supported Agriculture and Urban Farms with our wholesale pricing.

Benefits of JackPot™

Quality Container (Made in the U.S.)
  • Durable U.V. resitant fabric that lasts for years
  • Porous, providing excellent drainage and incredible aeration
  • Compact when folded for shipping or storage
Healthier Root Structure
  • Air root pruning creates masses of fibrous feeder roots which maximize plant growth
  • Minimized root circling allows for longer life in a JackPot™
Learn more about the JackPot's™ amazing air root pruning capabilities.

Faster Growth
  • Abundance of fibrous feeder roots promotes faster growth
  • Insulated soil provides moderated root zone temperature
  • More natural, in-ground-like environment
Sturdy and Wind Resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting, can be reused and lasts for years
  • Resists damage from expanding and aggressive roots
  • Ground-hugging bottoms reduce wind blow-overs
  • Tack-down occurs when grown on bare ground, providing additional stability
Cost-Effective Harvesting
  • No need for pre-harvest preparation such as root pruning
  • No digging of field-grown trees
  • Reduced harvest costs and time
  • Ability to grow in areas with sandy soils
Inexpensive and Insurable
  • Extremely cost-effective when compared to traditional plastic and other air-pruning containers
  • Recognized by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer

The latest University of Florida test results, revealed at the Great Southern Tree Conference, show that Jackpots™ excel in the production of superior root systems in trees. See the full report!

Legacy Nursery Products airpruning growing containers (JackPots™) are the original and only patented air-pruning fabric container and are patented under U.S. Patent #6,612,072. This patent is knowingly and blatantly being infringed upon by others in the marketplace, but due to the astronomical cost of defending our patent, we are unable to. The consumer, however, should know the reality and the facts, and as such now have the option to either reward others for their infringement / theft, or reward us with their business for our innovation. Please click to read the patent.


Small Trees in Large JackPots
Save Labor with Reduced Step-Ups

Excels in Food Growth
Edibles Excel in

Excellent Air Root Pruning
Provide Superior Air Root Pruning

Easy to Fill JackPots
are Easy to Use

Durability in Transport
Load Easily & Space Efficient

Hurricane Preparation
Make for Easy Disaster Preparation

The Sturdy JackPot
are Sturdy

The Versatile JackPot
are Versatile

Didn't Use a JackPot!
Eliminate Spiraling Roots Like These!

Cannabis excels in JackPots
Cannabis Excels in
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